At AutoLux, we take the protection of your investment seriously. Yes, your automobile is a large investment and with the proper rustproofing techniques we can help increase the resale of your vehicle by providing protection to your complete vehicle. Not only does our rust inhibiting grease and thorough application techniques protect your vehicles body and chassis, it also helps protect any exposed nuts, bolts, fuel lines and any other components from corroding as well.

Our Process

• Remove door panels (to ensure we visually see complete coverage)

• Drill small Holes in rocker and cab corners to ensure thorough protection (holes are filled with plugs)

• Apply grease in above areas as well as front fenders and braces, hood seam,
hood frame and inner panels, trunk/hatch lid and seams, rear quarters, tailgate interior, tail light area, bumpers and support brackets, headlight areas, shock and strut towers, rear wheel wells and seams and complete frame and undercarriage.

Our Product

Our rust proof compound is a soft film rust preventative grease designed for
long term protection of both iron and steel. This compound is formulated with a high melting point and a special rust inhibitor with penetrating and water displacing capabilities. The features are:

Excellent long term rust protection

Special additives form a non hardening, self-healing film to protect against elements. Good water displacing capabilities ensure that the film is also water proof. The special rust inhibitor ensures maximum protection against corrosive attack. The penetrating characteristics also ensure difficult to reach seams and crevices receive proper coverage.

Minimum preparation required

The ability to penetrate existing flaky or heavy rust means that little or no preliminary cleaning of metal surfaces is required before application.


Our Process

Undercoating is the process of applying a black coating to the chassis of your vehicle or RV. We use a heated power washing system to thoroughly clean grease and grime from the underside of your vehicle. We then apply the product to the chassis, undercarriage, wheel wells and gas tank.

Our Product

A cosmetically attractive black coating that provides insulation, sound deadening and anti corrosive protection to cars, trucks, and R.V.s. Wax-based, it remains flexible in the coldest temperatures, yet, will not drip or run under even extreme high temperature.

*This product is not meant to penetrate small cracks and crevices like our rust proofing application process.