Other Services

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Rear 3 Windows
5 Windows
note: any sunroofs or smaller windows additional charge.
note: example chevy Impalas have to have weather seals and rear seat back removed to tint windows additional charges apply.
Paint touch up
(Must see car to provide estimate)


Paintless dent removal
(Must see car to provide estimate)





HeadLight Restoration
$75 and up


Do you have sticky tar stuck on the bottom of your doors and around your wheel wells? Or have you parked under a tree and had sap drip on your car’s paint? Get that sap removed before it becomes dried and embedded in your car’s paint! AutoLux knows what chemicals are strong enough to remove sap and tar without compromising the shine of your paint! We know that your paint job is important to you and that’s why we include sap removal and tar removal services.

note: price will vary from car to car

Do you have some unsightly scratches, scrapes, and scuffs in your paint? AutoLux can remove any surface scratch or discoloration! A good test is rub your thumbnail across the scratch. If you can put your nail in it, it might be too deep. If not, give us a call and we’ll polish it out for you.

note: price will vary from car to car